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March 20, 2020
Swanland Village Hall
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Hall Facilities - See also Room Layout Plans

There are 4 Rooms of different sizes and a Fully-equipped Kitchen.

All rooms have disabled access (the upper rooms via a lift). Rooms are available for short or long term hire. Long term hire is defined as over three months with a booking at least every two weeks per month for a 10% discount. For short term bookings a 50% deposit of the anticipated hire charge must be paid when the booking is made The balance should be paid at the time the hire commences.

Swanland Residents and Swanland Village Organisations receive a standard 20% discount and a further 10% for long term hire.

Standard and Disabled Toilets, and Baby Changing facilities are provided

A superb Sound System covers both the Main Hall and the large Meeting Hall. It has an induction loop, so that those with a hearing difficulty can pick up the sound through their hearing aids. It is not of disco standard although discos and bands normally use their own systems.

A de mountable Stage System is available, which can provide a stage of up to 27.5 square metres

Main Hall (Downstairs)
Floor space 145 square metres – Seating capacity 170 people A stage of up to 27.5 square metres is available. This hall is suitable for indoor sports, live entertainment & events, parties and large meetings.

Meeting Hall (Downstairs)
Floor space 51 square metres – Seating capacity 45 people There is a serving hatch from the kitchen.

NOTE: A dividing screen can be folded back the combine the Main Hall and Meeting Hall into a much larger space. Both these halls have an audio system with an induction loop for those with a hearing difficulty.

Meeting Rooms (Upstairs)
Floor space 76 square metres – Seating capacity 50 people (By closing a folding screen the meeting room can be divided into 2 smaller rooms.

Front Meeting Room (Upstairs)
Floor space 43 square metres – Seating capacity 40 people.

Back Meeting Room (Upstairs)
Floor space 30 square metres – Seating capacity 20 people.